Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Kitchen Renovations

It's been a while since I blogged, and I'm only doing it today because I promised to show some pics of the recent kitchen renovation in our condo. I'm obsessed and in love with my new space! I can't believe the transformation.

Let's start with The Before:

I lived and worked in this kitchen for 12 years. I loved that it had loads of room for storage. And that the appliances were decent. Period. I hated that it was so closed off and hot to work in. No one could ever join me in the kitchen, it was just too narrow. The brown cabinets never worked for me and neither did those square tiles that felt like chalkboard and were impossible to keep clean.

We had spoken to other corner unit owners in our complex and everyone said that the wall couldn't come down because it contained water pipes, but no one knew exactly where they were situated. Most people had simply cut a pass-through window in the wall, over the sink. But we knew that the wall didn't support anything (there are no supporting walls in the condo) and one day we just took a chance and hacked into it from the living room side! We discovered that the pipes were only in the pantry area and so we called designers, got quotes, and this is what we ended up with.

You can click on all photos to make them larger if you want ...

The After:

This is how open the space is now. The column contains all the mechanics and houses the pantry on the kitchen side. No decorating has yet been done.

A view from the living room.
The pantry. It was impossible to photo, but there is also a small pull-out pantry on the side of the fridge, which happens to be the wrong fridge and is being changed next week. :(
Looking toward the studio.
Looking towards the windows.
The island is 10 feet long! I never thought I had enough space for anything like this.
Excuse all the horrible angles and crooked images - I can't for the life of me take photos of big spaces. I don't have a proper lens and it's impossible to get it all in one photo. Plus lighting issues, of course. In general, the kitchen is super light and airy. I've kept some of the photos darker to be able to show a few details. Also, please note that no painting has been done in the space. Ceilings were opened up to reposition lighting and heating and electricity and it's all a big mess. We're busy making plans for the surrounding spaces and won't decide on paint colours until we're finished.

A few little detail shots:

Closer look at quartz countertops. They are white, not yellow, with grey veining.
In use during breakfast this morning. :)
I love the white and grey gleaminess of it all - including my super glossy white tile floors. One of the workers told me that it reminded him of a skating rink! I know most people wouldn't be crazy about them, but it's one of my most favourite things about the new space. I still have plenty of storage and because most of the cabinets are drawers it's super convenient. No regrets. Would live through the mess all over again. :)

P.S. I just noticed that everyone can see that one drawer face is STILL missing. The good news? Haven't had to make final payment yet!